Warrior Within

Building the warrior within you 

enables you to better understand the way 

in which your perspectives of the world have been established, 

and how to reveal and unlock the many possibilities of change 

as you move towards your desired state

Life Coach

Humanity is faced with what I call the “new normal”.  COVID 19 calls on us to be resilient, vulnerable, courageous and sensible in order to bring about a sustainable future for all. The difficulty is that in the face of this threat it is easier to become fearful, closed and filled with hatred of the other, and it leads to poverty of mind.  It takes active engagement to work towards an awareness of the other as part of yourself.

These sessions go to the essence of who you are, and what it is you are doing, and what it is you would like to do, and whether you are getting what you want from life.   I am a qualified mBIT coach and NLP practitioner. 

The Warrior Within sessions include the following techniques, principles, and methods:

  1. Personal Needs Analysis

  2. Personal Values Re-evaluation

  3. Self-Reflection & Analytical Thinking

  4. Goal-Setting

  5. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

  6. Personal Experience

  7. mBIT frameworks and techniques

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