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Certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)​ & mBIT Coach

During these uncertain times of COVID 19, do you find that your team lacks motivation, employee ownership and inspiration? Let me host a virtual conference with your employees to raise their accountability through the organisational and global changes they are going through. 

Life Coach Journal

“We get what we get because we think the way we do”  Tom Chi

"She is an assiduous explorer of different human understandings of complexity and shares these discoveries generously. These  juxtapositions are challenging and illuminating."

"As an individual Charlene expresses integrity and vision that refuses to be captured by a single narrative or single perspective, and this gives reassurance and opens up space to engage."

"Charlene is a kind and generous facilitator, looking for ways to balance affirming the power of the individual as an integral part of the developing collective." 

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